American Grasslands – Setting a New Standard for Collagen Peptides

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Promotes Skin Health*

Promotes Bone Health*

Promotes Joint Health*

Promotes Muscle Recovery*

Made In The USA

US Raised, Grass Fed & Grass Finished

Raised Without Antibiotics or Hormones


100% All Natural, Minimally Processed

Contains Collagen Types I & III

Liquid Concentrate

Our Customers

Finally an organic, clean collagen! I’m already feeling the benefits!

Hannah, CA - 33

It does hair, and skin, and nails wonderfully good!

Vince, CA - 58

I’m on my fourth bottle. It has really helped me with recovery from workout fatigue.

Justin, CA - 48

I’ve been taking this for four weeks and my shoulders don’t hurt anymore and overall I feel better!

Fred, CA - 53

Since I’ve regularly been taking American Grasslands Collagen Peptides I’ve noticed my skin stays hydrated much better than before.

Alyna, CA - 27

I’ve been taking this for many months. I feel great and believe it’s kept me from getting sick. I’m 84 and I would not stop taking American Grasslands collagen! I take it every day!

Gary, CA - 84

Using American Grasslands Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides has led to improved digestion for me. Collagen Peptides have also been shown to increase skin elasticity and slow the aging process.

Chris, CA - 28

First of all, my arms don’t ache as often from carpal tunnel, and I have noticed my hair looks way better!!!! I am extremely satisfied with the results.

Ivette E., CA